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Enter your message of support for Emirates Team New Zealand using the al-fry-bet and you could spot it on a billboard near you. Go on, give it a fry...

fly like us kiwis do go hard
- Troy, Tauranga
you got this team nz
- Gareth, Dunedin
let's go team new zealand let's go
- Catherine birch, Christchurch
aotearoa is shouting out loud!
- Celeste Erasmus, Auckland
let's go emirates team new zealand
- Albert Ama, Auckland
get the cup boys
- Salman, Auckland
good luck team, hope you will win.
- Ellie, Auckland
fly like the wind etnz!
- Mark Barlow, Auckland
blow them away emirates team nz
- Jacqueline Hardy, Christchurch
go team nz!
- Laura Lloyd, Te Atatu
lets go team!
- John, Christchurch
happy sailing
- Johan, Auckland
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